Aluminum Doors

The Aluminum Doors provide excellent thermal performance combined with a wide range of variety for optimum solutions in building security and automation.

Our Aluminum Doors feature timeless design that is paired perfectly with sophisticated engineering.

Alu Group’s Aluminum Doors fit effortlessly into any building design and can be used to create efficient and avant-garde architectural solutions.

Alu Group aluminum doors
Alu Group aluminum doors

Our Aluminum doors, the most iconic interface between interior and exterior world, designed in Germany, engineered locally, and fabricated with the highest manufacturing standards, provide extreme functionality, tailor-made to your specific needs.

In terms of energy efficiency, our Schüco door aluminum systems are offering a wide range of products to choose from, depending on the overall performance requirements.

That, along with our numerous solutions for precise operation, gives Alu Group an incomparable advantage to any type of building.

Alu Group aluminum doors
Alu Group aluminum doors

Our Aluminum doors come fully glazed with single, double or triple glass as needed, with aluminum panel inserts, or any combination of both.

Several fittings’ lines can provide immense flexibility in operation, ranging from simple handles to designer handles, push- and panic-bars, motorized movement and IoT interface.

Our aluminum door design possibilities and combinations are practically endless, with several configurations of thresholds, locks, hinges and closers readily available. ADA and advanced customized solutions for any Aluminum doors are also possible upon request.