Schuco ASS 70.FD

Thermally insulated bi-fold system with large selection of types, quiet running and outstanding weathertightness

The thermally insulated Schüco ASS 70 FD (Folding Door) bi-fold system impresses with narrow face widths and offers a wide range of types with outstanding weathertightness for use in outdoor areas.

The visually appealing system opens up a variety of design options thanks to attractive opening types, such as the 90° corner including a flat, thermally insulated threshold for barrier-free access.

The magnetic retaining catch with an elegant design and matching flat door handle is available as an additional design option.

The flexible and quiet vent stacks can be folded to the right, left, inwards or outwards as required.

Features and benefits
● Thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN 10077
● Basic depth of 70 mm
● Glass thicknesses of 6 mm – 45 mm can be used
● Narrow face widths from 120 mm
● Vent weights of up to 100 kg (depending on the design)
● Vent sizes of up to 3.6 m² possible (depending on the design)
● Up to sound reduction class 4, depending on the glazing
● Flat threshold with gasket seal for weather performance
● Flat threshold allows easy access (not thermally insulated)
● Outer and vent frames are mitre cut on all corners
● High degree of flexibility for large-scale projects due to option for customer
to roll profiles together
● Profile design in more than one colour
● For installation on site, screw-type corner and T-cleats also available
● Units can be folded to the right, left, inwards or outwards as required
● Structural expansion profile allows for subsequent adjustment of the top
outer frame
● Vent stack can be adjusted by means of vertical adapter profiles
● Schüco AWS DK vent can be integrated in the folding vent
● 90° building outer corner, inward and outward-opening possible
● Stainless steel track and stainless steel or plastic rollers make the vents
easy to move