Schuco AWS 50.NI

The Schüco AWS 50.NI (Non Insulation) aluminium window system for the basic depth of 50 mm offers extensive solutions for a wide range of requirements without the need for thermal insulation as well as specifically for interior construction.

This is based on the combination of functional properties and architectural design freedom in perfectly tailored components, for example, the combination of narrow face widths with concealed fittings for inward and outward-opening windows.

The high level of flexibility of the system enables a variety of uses as a punched opening, ribbon window or in combination with Schüco sliding systems.

An additional benefit for specifiers and architects is that there are a number of different design options for the window system, such as side-hung and turn/tilt vents, double-vent windows or tilt/slide doors. The following opening types are available for outward-opening windows: projected top-hung, turn/tilt, top-hung, side-hung and an innovative double-vent window.

As part of the Schüco AWS system platform, Schüco AWS 50.NI offers a wide range of profiles for attractive window solutions, including corner mullions, structural mullions, symmetrical mullions and asymmetrical mullions.

Features and benefits:
● Basic depth 50 mm
● Extension to the range of vent profiles with the vent profile 153 000 in profile
group V. This means a vent weight of up to 160 kg can be supported with the
Schüco Avantec fitting, for example. The profile is also suitable for use with
the Schüco gearbox
● Non-insulated window series for interiors with narrow face widths from 74 mm
● Additional corner angles ensure smooth mitered vent corners
● Comprehensive profile range with mullion profiles up to 250 mm face width
● Optional flush-fitted window vent or outward-opening
● Wide range of opening types: inward-opening (side-hung, turn/tilt, bottomhung, tilt-before-turn, double-vent, horizontal/vertical pivot vents and tilt/slide) and outward-opening (projected top-hung, projected side-hung, bottomhung, side-hung and new, innovative double-vent solution)
● Smooth single-chamber profiles for simple, robust connections
● Use of crimped and nailed corner cleats as well as screw-type joint
technology as an additional, new connection option for optimized noise levels
and tolerance equalization.
● Glass thicknesses of 4 mm – 40 mm can be used
● Burglar resistance up to WK1 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627
● Compatible with the Schüco ASS 50 FD.NI series