Aluminum Windows

High insulated Aluminum Window systems with a wide range of solutions.

Alu Group and Schüco Aluminum Windows are featuring unique characteristics in terms of function, energy efficiency, and design. Above all, the new Window Systems allow the thermal performance to be optimized for energy efficiency, with a U-value exceeding the high standards of the latest energy requirements.

The newest generation of Aluminum Windows can reach up to Passive House Standard. Similar to our other products, Alu Group’s Aluminum Windows are designed in Germany, engineered locally, and fabricated with the highest manufacturing standards, in order to provide extreme functionality, tailor-made to your specific needs.

We offer a vast variety of aluminum window sizes, from small egress windows to large window walls, in all architecturally pleasing and structurally sound shapes, with endless combinations of operability and functionality. Fixed aluminum windows, turn, top-hung, sliding, tilt-and-turn, to name only a few, are our main focus and field of excellence.

All of our aluminum windows are meeting the local standards of air and water permeability, acoustical performance, and structural requirements. Similar to all of our products, our windows are accompanied by the necessary certificates for the above standards.

Alu Group Aluminum windows come fully glazed, in singe, double and triple pane glass, as needed. Our glazing options and combinations are endless but narrowed down to the most suitable for each specific project by our experts and our engineers.

A wide variety of hardware and fittings to choose from provides our trusted clients with the confidence of a solution that will precisely fit their needs. Concealed vents and motorized solutions complete our range of products, to ensure maximum adaptability to any design.